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Test Kits
Bio-Check (UK) offer a number of test kit formats for food allergens, mycotoxins & speciation




x_unit_gold_pour_comFlow through tests designed for on-site rapid screening of samples typically in a manufacturing environment. They have minimal additional requirements whether for equipment, facilities or training. Qualitative results are obtained quickly using a simple procedure with minimal steps.



donv_compressed.jpgTest Strips (Lateral flow) are another presentation for on-site, screening applications. The test strips are dipped into the sample extract or a small amount is applied to the strip. The sample extract will run laterally along the strip to react with reagents dried on the strip in discreet lines. The appearance and intensity of a line at the these positions indicate the result whether it be qualitative (read visually) or quantitatively (using a reader). The procedure is quick and simple with few steps.


090413_031_compresseELISA designed for mass screening of samples in a laboratory. Different designs (e.g. sandwich, competitive) determine the nature of the assay response and how these can be read (e.g. visually or more commonly with a reader at 450nm). Available in different size formats, normally 48 or 96 wells as solid or break-apart strips.


vicam_columns.jpgImmunoaffinity columns designed for sample clean-up. They incorporate an antibody (typically monoclonal) to provide a selective separation of the analyte from the other sample matrix components together with a pre-concentration of the analyte. When used with HPLC or LC MS/MS their clean-up capabilities become apparent especially with complex matrices.


220px_pcr_tubes.jpgPCR tests utlilise the advances in molecular biology to copy or amplify pieces of DNA many fold generating thousands or millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence. This ability then allows the detection and discrimination of samples based on these genetic differences. The specificity offered by this molecular technology often provides the means to confirm results determined by other approaches.

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