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Bio-Check (UK)’s Allergen-Check ELISA kits cover 14 legislated allergens

010.jpgThere are 18 allergen-specific kits in the range, which are available in 48 and 96 well format. All the Allergen-Check™ ELISAs contain extraction solution concentrates in the kit. The prepared sample extracts can be tested in all kits except the casein, crustacea, fish and milk kits which have different extractions.  The ELISA procedure shares a common approach for all kits, with 20+20+20 minute incubations, allowing the potential for automation. The kits are all highly sensitive and accurate with the following Limits of Quantitation (LOQ) and Limit of Detection (LOD):



LOD*48 well 96 well 
Milk-Check (β-LG) 0.2-7.0 (SMP**) <0.1 (SMP) R6037 R6036
Almond-Check 0.5-10 <0.25 R6019 R6018
Milk-Check (Casein) 0.8-16 (SMP) <0.2 (SMP) R6023 R6022
Cashew-Check 2-50 <0.2 R6047 R6046
Crustacea-Check 1.2-24 (dry wt.) <0.1 (dry wt.) R6027 R6026
Egg-Check 0.4-8 <0.2 R6033 R6032
Fish-Check 5-125 <1.0 R6009 R6010
Hazelnut-Check 1-40 <0.5 R6015 R6014
Lysozyme-Check 0.025-0.25 0.002 R6079 R6080
Lupin-Check 2-30 <0.3 R6031 R6030
Milk-Check (Total) 1-27 <0.1 R6041 R6040
Mustard-Check 2-50 <1 R6013 R6012
Ovalbumin-Check 0.025-0.5 0.004 R6077 R6078
Peanut-Check 1-30 <0.5 R6021 R6020
Pistachio-Check 1-25 <0.2 R6043 R6042
Sesame-Check 2-20 <0.2 R6029 R6028
Soya-Check 2-25 <0.7 R6025 R6024
Walnut-Check 2-50 <1.0 R6017 R6016

* In PPM ≡ mg/kg commodity levels NOT protein levels, which are lower.

**SMP: Skimmed Milk Powder

Click here for an allergen ELISA procedural overview.

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