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Allergen FlowThrough Swab Procedure

To take a swab sample:

  • Use one swab and one FlowThrough component set for each test being performed.
  • Thoroughly swab a flat area (about 5x5cm) or e.g. an irregularly-shaped piece of equipment, using the pre-wetted swab tip.
  • Place the tip in the solubilising Swab solution and break off the swab shaft at the break point (about 30mm from the end).
  • Mix well, without frothing, for 30 seconds to disperse proteins into the solution.
  • The solution can now be used to test for allergens, gluten or meat species residues, or stored refrigerated for up to a week for later testing.

FlowThrough Tests for allergens/gluten/meat species:

  • Pour the contents of the swab solution tube into the FlowThrough unit test well (remove and discard the swab tip if it slides out of the tube).
  • Allow the solution to absorb into the test well (3-4 minutes).
  • Gently clean the test area and sides of the test well with the cotton bud.
  • Mix the visualisation solution and add the contents to the test well.
  • Allow the solution to absorb into the test well (3-4 minutes).
  • Read the test result, as follows:
  • No spot on the left (T) indicates a Negative result.
  • A pink spot on the left (T) indicates a Positive result.
  • A pink Control spot should always appear on the right hand side (C) to indicate that the test was successfully carried out.

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