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biocheck_00009.jpgBio-Check (UK)'s Gluten R5 FlowThrough (GFT-R5) kits are fast, sensitive and qualitative tests for detecting the presence of cereal gluten in food raw materials, surface residues, rinse waters and finished products. The tests utilise the highly specific Mendez R5 monoclonal antibodies to detect gluten and are very simple to use and require no additional equipment; they are designed for use in food factories with limited testing facilities. Several food samples can be tested within 20 minutes and gluten levels of 5-10 parts per million (PPM or mg/kg) detected (less in e.g. beverages); with swab samples low µg levels can be detected in under 5 minutes using the innovative one piece swab format.

GFT-R5 tests are ideal for powders, flours, fine crumbs, liquids and sauces, and easily crushed products such as biscuits. If necessary, food samples should be ground or chopped to make them homogeneous.

Click here to read more about the FlowThrough test procedure for gluten in food.

Click here to read more about the FlowThrough test procedure for surface swabbing.

To find out more about our Gluten R5 FlowThrough kits, please call 01745 335165 or email us.

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