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Rapid 'Gluten R5 FlowThrough Food' Test Procedure


To prepare and extract your food samples:

  • If necessary, prepare your food sample so that it is homogeneous and ready for extraction and testing.
  • Weigh out, or estimate using the scoop provided, the amount of food required (approx. 0.5g).
  • Add the food sample to a pre-filled tube of Extraction Solution; mix well; allow to stand; mix again.
  • Allow this mixture to settle out until a relatively clear layer appears between any froth at the top and settled food debris below.
  • Using the self-filling pipette provided, add 150μL of this settled extract to a pre-filled tube of Diluent Solution; mix well.

The extraction and testing process can be completed in about 15-20 minutes and can be done almost anywhere.

To test for gluten using the GFT-R5 test components:

  • Add the diluted food sample extract to the GFT-R5 test well and allow it to absorb into the unit (about 4-6 minutes).
  • Wipe the sides of the well and test area using the cotton bud provided.
  • Add the pink visualisation reagent to the test well and allow to absorb(about 3-5 minutes).
  • Read the pattern of spots in the test well:
  • One spot on the right hand side: NOT DETECTED for gluten (less than about 5ppm).


  • Two spots in the test area: DETECTED for gluten.


Kit Name REF.
Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Food (5) R6096
Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Food (100) R6097

To find out more about our new Gluten R5 FlowThrough kits, call 01745 335165 or email us here.

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