Mycotoxins|Immunoaffinity columns

Mycotoxin Immunoaffinity columns for HPLC and LC MS/MS


Bio-Check (UK) distributes the widest available range of Immuno Affinity Columns (IACs). Manufactured by world-leader VICAM-Waters, they offer reliable detection of potentially harmful and/or legislated mycotoxins.

Kit Name REF.
AflaTest Columns (50) V12022
AflaTest Columns (25) VG1010
AflaTest WB Columns (25) VG1024
AflaTest WB Super Recovery Columns (25) VG1068
Afla B Columns (25) VG1003
Afla M1 Fl+ Columns (25) VG1047
Afla M1 Columns (25) VG1007
AflaOchra Columns (25) VG1017
AOZ  Columns (25) VG1031
CitriTest Columns (25) VG1070
DONtest Columns (25) VG1005
DONtest WB Columns (25) VG1065
DON/NIV WB Columns (25) V176002933
FumoniTest Columns (25) VG1008
FumoniTest WB Columns (25) VG1060
Myco 6in1+ Columns (25) V100000176
OchraTest Columns (25) V13012
OchraTest WB Columns (25) VG1033
T-2test Columns(25) VG1028
T-2/HT-2 Columns (25) V176000207
ZearalaTest Columns (25) VG1012
ZearalaTest WB Columns (25) VG1026

Please click on the links on the right hand side of the top of the page for more details on the individual columns. If you have any further questions or wish to order Mycotoxin IACs, please call Bio-Check (UK) on 01745 335165 or email us.

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