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The mycotoxin ELISA kits we distribute are manufactured by Helica, a leading edgeassay developer and manufacturer providing highly accurate, yet simple tests that are cost-effective and simple-to-use.

Kit Name REF.
Total Aflatoxins Rapid (96) H941AFL01M96
Aflatoxin B1 Rapid (96) H941BAFL01B196
Total Aflatoxins Low matrix (96) H981AFL01LM96
Aflatoxin B1 Low matrix (96) H981BAFL01B196
Aflatoxin Low matrix, Qualitative (96) H981AFL01LMQL96
Aflatoxin M1 Low matrix, Sensitive (96) H961AFLM01M96
Aflatoxin M1 2000 Low matrix, Rapid (96) H961AFLM01MUS96
Aflatoxin M1 (96) H991AFLM01U96
Deoxynivalenol, DON (96) H941DON01M96
Ochratoxin A (96) H941OCH01M96
Ochratoxin A Qualitative (96) H981OCH01W96
Ochratoxin A (96) H981OCH01ALC96
Ochratoxin A (96) H961OCH01COF96
Ochratoxin A (96) H991OCH01MS96
Fumonisin (96) H951FUM01C96
Zearalenone (96) H951ZEA01G96

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