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Rapid onsite mycotoxin testing

Accurate, On-the-Spot Results using Check Tests
aflacheck.jpgVicam's Check™ Test Strips provide fast, accurate, on-the-spot results for the presence of mycotoxins at one or more different detection levels through using modified protocols to meet your specific needsThey are easy to use and provide reliable results in as little as 3 minutes, they work in the field or in the lab, and they don't require the use of expensive equipment. Simply dip the test strip into the sample and read results. They are an ideal first step for detecting mycotoxin contamination.


 Precise, Quantitative and Fast Results using Vertu Tests
Vertu readerVICAM’s V™ Test Strips answer one of today’s toughest food safety challenges with a new user-friendly lateralflow mycotoxin test that delivers accurate quantitative results in a matter of minutes. The test take less than 5 minutes* to complete using a reader. The digital readings are clearly displayed on the screen of the VertuLateral Flow Reader and when the reader is combined with a printer, it will provide a hard copy of the results.


Kit Name REF.
AflaCheck Kit (25) 100000173
DONCheck Kit (25) 100000198
Afla-V Kit  (25) 176002071
Afla-V AQUA Kit (25) 176003520
Afla M1-V Kit (25) 176003404
DON-V Kit (25 176002072
DON-V Kit-T (25) 176003196
Fumo-V Kit (25) 176002810
Fumo-V AQUA Kit (25) 176003952
Ochra-V Kit (25 176003046

For more information on these rapid strip tests please call 01745 335165 or email us.

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