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The horse’s tale: improve your intelligence

new RMFTBio-Check (UK) announce the launch of a unique range of onsite tests for the detection of raw meat adulteration adding to its FlowThrough™ testing products. The horse meat scandal starkly demonstrated to the European food industry and retailers the cost of not identifying supply chain problems earlier. Bio-Check recognises that such issues are complex; nevertheless it believes its new FlowThrough™ testing capability could alert meat processors in minutes so that they can alleviate such concerns. The simple and rapid qualitative tests detect beef, horse or pork in raw meat samples at the 1% level. Their speed and simplicity makes them useful for traceability at all stages of raw meat supply chain management.

Bio-Check’s goal has been prevention, to improve manufacturers’ evidence gathering capability thus underpinning the robustness of their quality systems and third party accreditation. They also believe their goals are consistent with a key recommendation in the recent UK Food Standards Agency Incident Report on “Horsegate” to improve intelligence through analytical capability.

Implement the FlowThrough™ test to ensure evidence based supply chain management
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This month, we shall attend: WGPAT annual meeting on the latest developments in gluten analysis and Coeliac disease (10-12th); the SOFHT Horsegate meeting (22nd) to review the learning outcomes from this year’s incident and then the Association of Public Analysts annual conference on food fraud (23/24). We shall also start organising our own Allergen Management seminar – so please contact us to register your interest.

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