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Horizon scanning:

Some of the information tweeted @BioCheckUK in April 2019:

  • Are you ready for a recall? Communication strategy the ‘acid test’ for reputation
  • Dr William Frankland speaks about severe allergies the day before his 107th birthday
  • Summary highlights from the Food Allergy Forum in Amsterdam
  • Food safety breach costs baker £6k
  • A common global understanding of scientific risk assessment
  • Severe reaction after eating Tandoori takeaway food
  • Food Standards Scotland launches food allergy alert service
  • One-third of Restaurant “Gluten-free” Foods Contained Detectable Gluten
  • Europe’s new rules for food safety approval: Building trust in science?
  • Mozzarella fraud laid bare by test
  • FDA Says Routine Intentional Adulteration Inspections Will Start March 2020
  • Hygiene and safety offences double since new guidelines
  • Sugars from human milk – a secret weapon against allergies
  • Frozen meat substitutes occupy majority share of the meat substitute market
  • Blockchain service for beef products launched
  • Conditions ripe for another ‘Horsegate’ scandal, warns watchdog
  • Can chef innovations give insects a ‘culinary identity’?

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