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Some of the information tweeted @BioCheckUK in May 2019:

  • FSA publishes Board paper on food allergies and intolerances
  • Kent Scientific Services assisting the Channel 4 programme “Food Unwrapped”
  • Restaurants ‘should list all ingredients’ says food agency
  • FSA backs mandatory full ingredient labelling for pre-packed direct sale food
  • Standards & Testing Institution uncover scale of food adulteration in Bangladesh
  • Coeliac UK Awareness week 13-19 May trending
  • Managing Allergens in the Workplace – Anaphylaxis Campaign
  • Tougher food safety rules in Oman: Higher fines and CCTV installation mandatory
  • EU ban on ‘meaty names’ for plant-based products
  • Highlights from FAMS 2019
  • Next Government Chemist programme for 2020 – 2023
  • Discussion paper on allergen labelling
  • Codex is taking on two new work items on food allergens
  • Allergy brand for kids
  • New regulatory system will ‘need to be paid for’: FSA
  • Upcycling coffee cherries: ‘Every major chocolate company is looking at this’
  • Cashing in on cashew nut waste: A natural alternative to nitrates?
  • Food Allergy Week Australia 26 May – 1 June
  • Senior politician in Bangladesh calls food adulterators as the biggest terrorists in society

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