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Horizon scanning:

Some of the information tweeted @BioCheckUK in June 2019:

  • Japan – Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO ‘evocation’ case
  • Highlights from EAACI 2019
  • CIEH call for allergen hygiene to be included in Food Hygiene Rating scheme
  • Food and Drink Federation (FDF) published ‘Gluten Labelling Guidance
  • 7th June the first ever World Food Safety Day
  • A promising alternative to gluten-free products
  • This Bufala is No Bufala
  • New IFST Fact Sheet: Food Allergy made easy
  • Common Bacteria Increases Food Allergy Risk for Children With Severe Eczema
  • New horse meat raids take place. This time old nags processed in food fraud
  • The climate crisis is already hitting food production
  • SAFE Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment Tool
  • Horsemeat investigation launched in Ireland
  • French burger fraud is ‘chapter 2’ of the horsemeat scandal
  • Food safety inspection funding drops
  • £180,000 funding announced for research into coeliac disease
  • The rise of veganism
  • Low-gluten wheat alternative ‘miracle grain’ presents ‘clear market opportunity
  • Food Standards Scotland to take over meat hygiene inspections
  • Five types of consumer make up the ‘unbelievable’ plant-based trend
  • Most Europeans react to food risk information
  • International meat fraud crackdown by authorities
  • Pret allergy death: Parents ‘delighted’ by ‘Natasha’s law’ plan
  • Meat analogues: A ‘big opportunity’ for improved quality
  • Meat labelling legislation debated at House of Lords

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