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Horizon scanning:

Some of the information tweeted @BioCheckUK in July 2019:

  • Dairy analytical standards on the agenda at IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2019
  • Hindus call for apology from WFM for not being transparent on food labels
  • New article on Food Fraud Prevention Strategy
  • An allergy timebomb is exploding in Britain warns Natasha’s parents
  • Meat label lies mean 1 in 5 products contain animal not stated on packet
  • FSA appoints new Chief Executive
  • Key food trends: includes alternative proteins
  • Cultural shift needed to cut food fraud risk: ‘Put product ahead of profit’
  • Game-changing non-GMO soy with 50% more protein
  • Rise of the recall
  • The benefits of being GFSI recognised
  • FSA publishes its Annual Report and Accounts for 2018/19
  • Best practice labelling guidelines unveiled for insect-based products
  • Food fraud and illicit trade ‘holding back progress’ on the SGDs
  • Rapidly Developing Policy on Food Contaminants including mycotoxin levels
  • Who is ‘best prepared’ for plant-based boom
  • Undeclared allergen contamination sparks Asian fish cake recall in the US
  • How Do Canadian Food Industries Perceive Food Fraud
  • EU advised against meat phrase ban
  • Allergy death mum’s plea to schools to save lives
  • the Government Chemist Annual Review
  • A look at the latest food allergy research

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