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Horizon scanning

Some of the information tweeted @BioCheckUK in January 2020:

  • Current research gaps and unmet clinical needs in food allergy.
  • Accredited labs have until November 2020 to transition to the new ISO/IEC 17025
  • Jackfruit, tempeh and seitan to lead plant-based boom – 1 of 4 trends for 2020
  • Did you know 1/4 of the world’s pigs died last year because of disease?
  • BRCGS announces plant-based global standard
  • EFSA opens comment period on Ochratoxin A health risks
  • EU germ threats ranked, with STEC now third
  • Natural grown vs tech made meat
  • Food ‘made from air’ could compete with soya
  • Anaphylaxis – A Distinct Immunological Syndrome, but How Much Do We Really Understand?
  • Study: Of 433 beef samples bought in Mexico, 10% tested positive for horsemeat
  • EFSA concern over THC levels in hemp products
  • Human error factor in allergy death
  • 8 consumer trends to watch in the new decade
  • Could 2020 be year of the baobab?
  • Testing times: meat speciation and the media focus
  • Food safety and the importance of horizon scanning
  • New project to boost plant-based knowledge
  • FSA Board: ‘Protecting the consumer interest comes first’
  • FSA Technical Guidance on food allergen labelling and information requirements
  • One in five food samples contain a hidden food allergen
  • Spain: new Horsemeat scam shows weak links in food chain
  • FSA urged to keep CBD products on-shelf: ‘Enforcement could hit millions of consumers’
  • ‘Don’t assume gluten-free products are healthy by default’
  • How Plant-Based Foods Are Changing the Supply Chain

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