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Sampling for Food Allergens Successfully

Bio-Check’s Richard Fielder presented at SOFHT’s conference ‘Building an Allergen Safe Culture’ on the 27th February. He provided a test kit manufacturers perspective on the importance of sampling in food allergen analysis and considered some of the current practices and technical challenges to ensure that sampling and analysis is not flawed. Having effective sampling plans for food allergens is critical to checking that foods are safe, that harmful allergens are below acceptable levels and that labelling is correct. If the sample selected is not appropriate for these purposes, analytical results will not be reliable for these important decisions.

If you work for a food manufacturer, do you have time to complete a 4-minute survey on your current practices with food allergen sampling & analysis?

  • All contributors will remain anonymous, though the information collected will be pooled and shared in the analytical community, as well as with these individual contributors. The information is being collected in order to improve best practice in the Food Industry. Further survey contributions are welcomed in order to make a reasonably-sized data set.
  • Click here to participate in the survey

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Horizon scanning

Some of the information tweeted @BioCheckUK in February 2020:

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  • A Survey of Meat Species in Sausage Products from Sichuan Province
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  • Can coronavirus be transmitted via imported food?
  • Combating cow’s milk protein allergy
  • An interview with the FSA: recalls and risk prevention
  • Preparation of Gluten-Free Foods .. May Not Always Be as Risky
  • A major development in reference materials for allergen quantification
  • Allergic reaction hospital admissions double in Wales in eight years
  • Takeaway prosecuted for selling unsafe foods
  • FSA sets deadline for CBD Novel Food compliance
  • Food safety checks in UK down by half in 10 years
  • FDA Releases Third Installment of IA Rule Draft Guidance
  • Top ten food trends predicted for 2020
  • ‘Medical food’ launched in UK
  • Our mission is to get seitan into the mainstream
  • FSA research suggests new higher estimates for the role of food in UK illness
  • UK wants to be the best place for people living with food hypersensitivities
  • SOFHT: successful sampling for food allergens
  • Plant-based meat sees 35% growth month-on-month
  • Accelerated pace of innovation a ‘strain’ for plant-based sector

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