In the difficult and extraordinary times of a Coronavirus pandemic, Bio-Check (UK) would like to reassure its customers, staff, suppliers and other stakeholders that we are continually reviewing – in line with WHO, NHS and UK Government advice – and escalating the measures we take to mitigate the adverse impact developing as a result of the effects of the virus.

The UK Coronavirus Bill, which was announced on 18 March, will provide the UK Government with the emergency powers it needs to tackle the further spread of the virus. In this proposed bill, the key workers list includes all those who are involved with the provision of key goods necessary for the manufacture and supply of food. Bio-Check (UK) is naturally pleased to play its part, to ensure that its food testing kits (e.g. for detection of gluten, food allergens, mycotoxins) continue to be available to help food manufacturers provide all of us – especially the vulnerable – safe food of the stated quality.

We urge all existing and potential users of our test kits to discuss their changing requirements with us over the course of this outbreak; by doing so, Bio-Check can better ensure the continuity of supplies for all.

If you need more information about our products and the stocks available, please contact us

By heeding the medical and behavioural advice being provided by the NHS and UK Government, you, your colleagues, families, friends and neighbours will have the best chance of keeping safe and well.