Ready for BRC issue 8?

BRC i8Certification for issue 8 of the BRC Global Standard Food Safety starts from 1st February 2019. There are several new requirements (e.g. 1.1.2 food safety and quality culture plan) and a couple of new sections (e.g. section 8 production risk zones). Food Safety professionals are making improvements to satisfy the requirements of the standard and reviewing what objective evidence they can provide to support these requirements. This evidence will be needed for the third-party audit(s) and for internal audits which now need to be spread throughout the year with a minimum of 4 different dates (3.4.1). Sampling and testing will provide an important portion of the objective evidence necessary included in, for example: the Management of suppliers of raw materials (3.5.1), Traceability (3.9), Food Defence (4.2), Housekeeping and hygiene (4.11), Environmental monitoring (4.11.8), Management of Food Allergens (5.3) and Product Authenticity (5.4).  There is also a new requirement ( that the significance of laboratory results should be understood and acted upon accordingly. All these changes are making the role of sampling and analysis more important, yet increasingly complex to understand especially with the new analytical technology. For example, recent advances in onsite testing and ‘next-generation’ sequencing are driving a paradigm shift towards increasing use of such tests to improve control and decision making in food manufacture.

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