Sampling for Food Allergens Successfully

Bio-Check’s Richard Fielder presented at SOFHT’s conference ‘Building an Allergen Safe Culture’ on the 27th February. He provided a test kit manufacturers perspective on the importance of sampling in food allergen analysis and considered some of the current practices and technical challenges to ensure that sampling and analysis is not flawed. Having effective sampling plans for food allergens is critical to checking that foods are safe, that harmful allergens are below acceptable levels and that labelling is correct. If the sample selected is not appropriate for these purposes, analytical results will not be reliable for these important decisions.

If you work for a food manufacturer, do you have time to complete a 4-minute survey on your current practices with food allergen sampling & analysis?

  • All contributors will remain anonymous, though the information collected will be pooled and shared in the analytical community, as well as with these individual contributors. The information is being collected in order to improve best practice in the Food Industry. Further survey contributions are welcomed in order to make a reasonably-sized data set.
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