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Semi-quantitative raw meat species testing

biocheck_00018.jpgBio-Check (UK) has developed five ELISA-based methods for the detection of ultra-low levels of raw meats (cow, horse, pig, poultry and sheep) in uncooked food products. All are semi-quantitative and enable the important differentiation of cross-contamination (0.1 – 0.5% w/w) from adulteration (1.0 – 5.0% w/w).

For example, the semi-quantitative Pig-Check™ ELISA for raw pork is capable of detecting and accurately determining raw pork contents in mixtures containing less than 0.1% (LOD, 0.02% w/w) of lean meats, fatty tissues or mixtures of both. When the sample extract is diluted higher levels can also be determined, thereby combining the benefits of ultra-low level detection (to rival PCR) and higher level (% w/w) screening for meat adulteration. The Raw Pig-Check™ ELISA is also suitable for monitoring of surface residues for cleaning validation and verification studies.

The Raw Meat Species kits have been formatted and refined for ease-of-use to aid in resolution of species content. They are designed to enable labs to analyse raw meat species content in order to meet or exceed relevant guidelines and legislation. A rigorous in-house validation has been conducted to support their performance.

  • Specific for: serum albumin protein
  • Limit of Detection: below 0.1% for meat (all species)
  • Limits of semi-Quantitation: 0.1 - 0.5% w/w (without diltuion), 1.0 - 5.0% w/w (with dilution)
  • Tests per Kit: in duplicate - Up to 22 samples/48 wells and up to 46 samples/96 wells
  • Hands-on-time: 10 minutes (sample preparation/extraction), 60 minutes (immunoassay)
  • Kit Format: 48 and 96 microwell plates (strips of 8 wells)
  • Additional equipment: Micro-pipettes (50-100μL), wash bottle/plate reader
Kit Name REF.
Raw COW-Check™ ELISA (48) R6104
Raw COW-Check™ ELISA (96) R6105
Raw HORSE-Check™ ELISA (48) R6106
Raw HORSE-Check™ ELISA (96) R6107
Raw PIG-Check™ ELISA (48) R6083
Raw PIG-Check™ ELISA (96) R6084
Raw POULTRY-Check™ ELISA (48) R6108
Raw POULTRY-Check™ ELISA (96) R6109
Raw SHEEP-Check™ ELISA (48) R6110
Raw SHEEP-Check™ ELISA (96) R6111

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