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Rapid Meat Speciation for surface swabbing

biocheck_00001.jpgMeat processors now have a new possibility to improve the effectiveness of their cleaning routines.
Bio-Check has developed fast and reliable tests that can be easily implemented as a routine check.

The new range of Raw Meat Species FlowThrough™ Swab tests (cow, horse, pig, poultry, sheep) take under 8 minutes to perform, detecting the species specific proteins at μg levels on food-contact surfaces. The test consists of just two components, an innovative swab device and the test unit, no special equipment or training is required. This makes the FlowThrough™ Swab test so simple and easy to perform, judge for yourself, view the video below.

Enhance the effectiveness of your cleaning by improved testing without significant investments in time or money. The benefits of implementing our FlowThrough™ tests will be significant providing you with more robust evidence to support your Quality Management system.

Raw COW FlowThrough™ Swab (5) R6112
Raw PIG FlowThrough™ Swab (5) R6082
Raw POULTRY FlowThrough™ Swab (5) R6114
Raw SHEEP FlowThrough™ Swab (5) R6116

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