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Raw Meat FlowThrough™ Food

Procedure Overview

The on-site Raw Meat FlowThrough™ Food tests (RMFT) are quick and simple to perform.
Please see a brief overview of the procedure below:

raw_mince_sample_com1. SAMPLE:
Ground/minced/pasted meats need no preparation. Otherwise finely chop, grind or mince to obtain a homogeneous, paste-like consistency.


extn_scoop1_compress2. EXTRACT:
Add a scoopful of sample to the yellow Extraction Solution.
Shake extract  vigorously (1 minute); 
Separate extract from solid meat residue using the separating disc.


150ul_add_compressed3. DILUTE:
Fill the self-measuring pipette with meat extract.
Add the extract to the blue-coloured Diluent Liquid; mix gently.


unit_dilt_pour_compr4. ADD:
Carefully pour the diluted extract into the well of the RMFT test unit.
Allow diluted extract to absorb into the RMFT unit (up to 5 minutes).
Using a cotton bud, gently clean the surfaces of the round test well.



Add the Visualisation Solution directly into the Test well.
Allow Visualisation Solution to absorb into the RMFT unit (up to 5 minutes).


x_unit_out_of_pouch_6. READ:
The appearance of a pink spot on the left of the test area ( T ) indicates the presence of the specific species at about 1% or more in the meat sample. On the right of the test area ( C ), a strong pink spot should appear, telling you that the test was carried out correctly.

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