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Some of the information tweeted @BioCheckUK in September 2019:

  • India: ‘Adulteration in food not less than crime’
  • Vegan meals are ‘UK’s fastest growing take-away choice’
  • Demand for meat & dairy alternatives is shifting in tandem with a rise for ‘clean-label’
  • Controlling contaminants: the new facet of clean label
  • New allergen reference doses in VITAL 3.0
  • Food safety experts face challenging times ahead
  • Chickpeas: The next big protein source for plant-based meat?
  • Flooding raises turmeric supply concerns in India
  • Byron burger death: Owen Carey’s family demand law change
  • Why the world is becoming more allergic to food
  • ‘Natasha’s Law’ confirmed
  • Will an Owen’s law follow Natasha’s?
  • What can restaurants do to help customers with allergies?
  • Eurachem 2019 Measurement Uncertainty Workshop
  • Peanut allergies affected by exercise and sleep deprivation
  • Are plant-based milks entering a vegan renaissance?
  • Allergen information for ‘prepacked for direct sale’ food
  • FSA Board announces plans to protect people with food allergies and intolerances
  • UK’s food supply at risk from climate change and imports: report
  • Review of bio-based food contact materials published – potential risk of allergens present?
  • Byron chicken allergy death family ‘may sue burger chain’
  • RASFF Notifications by Hazard 2018
  • FDA Updates Food Defense Plan Builder to support Intentional Adulteration FSMA Rule

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