R5 Food Test Kits

Improve your assessment of  the effectiveness of your gluten controls with better testing. The benefits of implementing our ‘Mendez R5’ based FlowThrough™ tests will be significant, providing you with more robust evidence to support your Quality Management System.

Gluten R5 FlowThrough tests are ideal for powders, flours, fine crumbs, liquids and sauces, and easily crushed products such as biscuits. If necessary, food samples should be ground or chopped to make them homogeneous. The entire extraction and testing process can be completed in about 10 minutes and can be done almost anywhere.

  • One spot in the test area on the right hand side: NOT DETECTED for gluten (typically, less than 5 mg gluten/kg).
  • Two spots in the test area: DETECTED for gluten.
Kit Name (tests/kit)REF.
Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Food (5)R6096
Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Food (100)R6097

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