R5 Swab Test Kits

Enhance your cleaning performance by improved testing without significant investments in time or money. The benefits of implementing our ‘Mendez R5’ based FlowThrough™ tests will be significant, providing you with more robust evidence to support your Quality Management System.

The Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Swab test takes under 8 minutes to perform, detecting gluten at μg levels on food-contact surfaces. The test consists of just three components (an innovative swab device, a colour reagent and the test unit), no special equipment or training is required.

This makes the Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Swab test so simple and easy to perform, judge for yourself, please contact us to try for yourself.

Kit Name (tests/kit)REF.
Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Swab (5)R6081
Gluten R5 FlowThrough™ Swab (100)R6085

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