Surface Swabs for ELISA

Bio-Check (UK)’s Surface-Check Swabbing Kit is designed to be used in combination with ELISA techiques to help validate allergen/gluten/meat product cleaning regimes and verify clean-down processes in manufacturing and analytical environments.

Neither the swab nor the Surface-Check tubes absorb proteins and the solution is made of food-grade constituents, including a vivid blue dye to aid visibility during testing. The kits are QC checked against a panel of food allergens and meat species.

Kit NameREFKit Description
Surface-Check Swabbing (100)A6008Validated for use with Allergen-Check, Raw Species-Check ELISA kits. Designed to assist collection of surface swab samples during validation/verification of cleaning regimes in factories and analytical environments. Contains 100 swabs and tubes.

N60 Plus Meat Sampler

Innovative, stainless steel sampling device that collects a surface sample from the trim in a beef combo.  N60 PLUS sampler collects a robust sample with less sampling error and keeps more product in the combo bin instead of at the laboratory.  Minimises the error associated with excision sampling.  Eliminates the concern associated with collecting 60 pieces (2.5 x 7.5 cm) that weigh 375 gram. Eliminates the collection of multiple specimens from the same piece of trim all while utilising a smaller sample size.

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