Bio-Check (UK) offers tests kits for a number of other food safety and quality topics that help to ensure the provision of safe and wholesome food as well as to meet consumer preferences.

Harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances, can make food unsafe (depending upon how it is produced, prepared and processed) and can cause more than 200 diseases. Additionally, the growth of fungi (moulds, yeasts) and bacteria can spoil foods over time, by producing substances that change the colour, texture and odour of the food. Eventually the food will be rendered unfit for human consumption. Even if the food is safe, the aspects by which consumers assess the quality of food are no less important, in fact, they are numerous and constantly changing reflecting consumers latest interests (e.g. plant-based alternatives), concerns (e.g. sustainability), needs (e.g. special diets due to culture or religion), or knowledge (e.g. new technology). Therefore, food hygiene and food quality together with an assessment of the associated risks constitute key elements of an integrated approach to food safety and quality, supported by the objective evidence from food testing.

Learn more about how our products for food hygiene & spoilage can help you with these key elements.

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