Bio-Check (UK) is developing a series of rapid on-site FlowThrough LFD tests for the detection of the most common legislated food allergens.

Our new onsite FlowThrough LFD Swab tests provide the evidence for real-time decision-making when verifying cleaning to assess the effectiveness of this important allergen control. They are suitable for both surface swabbing and CIP rinse water testing. The Swab Device makes collecting samples easy to do in a couple of minutes and the 3-line (Test, Overload & Control) lateral flow device (LFD) ensure reliable results. Furthermore, for multiple allergen testing:

up to 7 allergens can be detected
from a single extract in minutes.

Please request further information on our ambient stored range of new Allergen FlowThrough LFD Swabs and view the video below.

Kit name (5-items/pack)REF
Choose A6120 for collecting the sample (swab and/or rinse water):
Allergen FlowThrough LFD Swab (5)A6120
Also choose the LFD pack for the allergen of interest below:
Almond FlowThrough LFD (5)A6093
Casein FlowThrough LFD (5)A6087
Egg FlowThrough LFD (5)A6102
Gluten FlowThrough LFD (5)A6076
Milk FlowThrough LFD (5)A6075
Mustard FlowThrough LFD (5)A6074
Peanut FlowThrough LFD (5)A6077
Sesame FlowThrough LFD (5)A6095
Soya FlowThrough LFD (5)A6078

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