Bio-Check (UK)’s Surface-Check Swabbing Kit is designed to be used in combination with ELISA techiques to help validate allergen/gluten/meat product cleaning regimes and verify clean-down processes in manufacturing and analytical environments.

Neither the swab nor the Surface-Check tubes absorb proteins and the solution is made of food-grade constituents, including a vivid blue dye to aid visibility during testing. The kits are QC checked against a panel of food allergens and meat species.

When the swab has been collected it can safely be sent to the lab for testing as the solution is stable at room temperature for at least a week.

The Surface-Check kit is validated with a wide range of ELISA methods from a variety of manufacturers. You can rest assured that the kits will help detect a range of allergens, cereal gluten and meat species residues.

Kit NameREFKit Description
Surface-Check Swabbing (100)A6008Validated for use with Allergen-Check, Raw Species-Check ELISA kits. Designed to assist collection of surface swab samples during validation/verification of cleaning regimes in factories and analytical environments. Contains 100 swabs and tubes.

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