The Vertu system for mycotoxin testing gives customers testing at the point of sampling fast, accurate numerical results using fewer solvents in less time. Simple enough to be used by field or laboratory staff, the Vertu system provides accuracy and reliability.

Kit Name (tests/kit)REF.
AflaCheck Kit (25)V100000173
DONCheck Kit (25)V100000198
Afla-V Kit  (25)V176002071
Afla-V AQUA Kit (25)V176003520
Afla M1-V Kit (25)V176003404
DON-V Kit (25V176002072
DON-V Kit-T (25)V176003196
Fumo-V Kit (25)V176002810
Fumo-V AQUA Kit (25)V176003952
Ochra-V Kit (25V176003046
T2/HT2-V AQUA Kit (25)V176004555
Zearala-V AQUA Kit (25)V176003127

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