The Gluten R5 Allergen-Check kits are designed for the measurement of cereal gluten at low levels in accordance with the requirements of the Codex 118-1979 Standard.

The Gluten R5 Allergen-Check kits :

  •  The 48 well kit (R6098) allows an assessment of gluten content by estimating levels between 2.5mg/kg and the regulatory threshold of 20mg/kg, using a dual standard approach (with assay controls). 
  • The 96 well kit (R6099) provides a fully quantitative assay of gluten content from 2.5 to 50mg/kg, in an assay format that can be readily automated.
  • Both kits are designed to be used with the Gluten R5 Extraction Kit (R6102) which improves extraction by significantly reducing both the time required and the test variation resulting from sample inhomogeneity.

 The 96 well assay range is nominally between 2.5 – 50 mg gluten/kg if the stated extraction and dilution ratios are used. The range can be extended upwards (e.g. 5.0 – 100 mg/kg) by amending these ratios. Some matrices require less preparation, thereby lowering the assay range and Limit of Detection (LOD). The nominal LOD of the assay is below 0.15 mg gluten/kg. The assay can be used to test e.g. food raw materials/ingredients, environmental swab samples and in-process/finished food products; assay values are calibrated against the WGPAT Gliadin preparation and aligned with FAPAS proficiency scheme consensus values.

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