True gluten intolerance or Coeliac Disease affects 1% or more of the EC & US populations, but many more people also believe themselves to be sensitive to wheat or gluten products in some way. In these situations, avoidance of gluten-containing foods is either mandated or beneficial. This makes the marketing of gluten-free products desirable, but access to this rapidly-growing market comes with stringent guidelines.

Codex Standard 118 -1979 and EC Regulations (No. 828/2014) define “Gluten Free” foods for PARticular NUTritional use (PARNUTS) as containing less than 20 mg gluten/kg. PARNUTS foods containing above 20 mg/kg but below 100 mg/kg of gluten must be labelled “Very Low Gluten.”

Bio-Check (UK) has developed it’s quantitative Gluten R5 Allergen-Check ELISA (based on the Mendez R5 antibody) and it’s rapid, on-site Gluten R5 FlowThrough formats (also based on the Mendez R5 antibody); between them they offer effective assessment of the presence and levels of gluten in raw materials, surface swabs and food products.

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