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Some of the information tweeted @BioCheckUK in December 2019:

  • Much of the ‘Australian beef’ sold in China isn’t Australian … or beef
  • A closer look at the economic and medical importance of mycotoxins.
  • What does legal limbo mean for CBD?
  • FSANZ calls for comment on a proposal to make allergen information clearer
  • Farmers and feed advisers encouraged to better test feed for mycotoxins
  • Sampling for mycotoxins in grain
  • Mycotoxin risk assessment and management in Europe
  • From allergies to climate change to food fraud – issues facing the food sector in 2020
  • FDA is tough on CBD food
  • Label compliance issues extend beyond allergens
  • Q3 Hazard Beat: Nuts, Nut Products and Seeds
  • Undeclared Allergens Top Cause of FDA and USDA Food Recalls
  • The rise of the meat-mimicking market
  • Top ten ‘weakest links’ in allergen management revealed
  • Plant-based ingredients, new pea protein isolate
  • Pesto products recalled over peanut fears
  • Indian Government waives fee for food adulteration test
  • Comparative analysis of eliciting capacity of raw and roasted peanuts
  • US foods making gluten-free claims must comply w/ FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule

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