Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin testing of cannabis

Medicinal cannabis (cannabis and cannabinoids) and the non-psychotic cannabinoid (cannabidiol, CBD) based foods have in recent years seen a global increase in their popularity together with increasing regulatory scrutiny in terms of their safety. Cannabinoids are derived from a variety of the Cannabis sativa (hemp) plant which is grown industrially. The flowers of the Cannabis plant and products derived from cannabis are susceptible to natural contamination by moulds capable of producing mycotoxins.  The laboratories of Vicam, a Waters business, has chosen to use its AflaOchra immunoaffinity column with LC MS/MS for the analysis of aflatoxins and ochratoxins in cannabis. Recently, it took part in the Emerald Proficiency testing scheme and the results they submitted demonstrated their competence in performing this method within acceptable standards of accuracy and precision. These results underlie the reliability of AflaOchra columns in this growing and emerging field of analysis.

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