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Some of the information tweeted @BioCheckUK in March 2020:

  • FSA Board meeting papers published for March 2020
  • Prepare for the split in plant-based demand
  • Norovirus: Fresh research suggests food plays bigger role in illness cases
  • Insects as a source of novel foods
  • Key insights into recall management feature in new webinar
  • Vegan food poses unexpected allergen risk to consumers
  • Are Endangered Species on Your Dinner Menu?
  • Burger recall underlines plant-based allergen risks
  • Allergen Bureau: A decade of food recall data shows allergens still top the list
  • ‘World’s first’ multi-allergen reference kit developed
  • New research shows societal burden of foodborne illness in the UK
  • COVID-19 and food: ‘This virus is sensitive to cooking temperatures’
  • Reducing Aflatoxin Contamination of Food with Fungi
  • Pea protein trend sparks allergy warning
  • Outcome of a public consultation on the draft risk assessment of aflatoxins
  • Coronavirus Stable on Surfaces for Hours to Days
  • UK Coronavirus Emergency Bill looks to ‘keep food supply flowing’
  • Scientists optimise prime editing for rice and wheat
  • ‘EU mobilises all means at our disposal’ to tackle COVID-19
  • Hard surface disinfection even more crucial for dairy industry in light of coronavirus
  • Coronavirus supply chain: lessons from China
  • World Food Programme supply chain chief on COVID-19 challenges
  • FSA publishes guidance for food businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • The Coronavirus Outbreak: a collection of related content

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